Tuesday, June 21, 2011

You broke me

you broke my heart in two
we start talking
get to know each otha
i fall in love wit u and u said u have too
but when i get my hopes up
u let me down
u say ur going back to ur ex
when i heard those words
my body went numb
i couldn't believe wat i was hearing
when i get off tha fone wit him
i cry my eyes out
i thought he was different
i thought he was tha type of guy tht wouldn't do tht
i guess i was wrong
u hurt me more than Greg
i really thought he was tha one
i guess ill never have tht chance i guess i don't have a soul mate
he ruined me
he crushed my dreams
i will never be tha same
ill never make tha same mistake twice

Colt Ford: Nothing in Particular

Colt Ford Mud Flap

Colt ford-hey ya'll

Colt Ford Ft. Rhett Akins - Cricket on a line Produced by Phivestarr Pro...

Monday, April 12, 2010


There was this puppy that i fell in love with at the animal shelter. She is part golden retriever part lab. I named her Nala cause she remined me of a dog on TV called Nala. She was so sweet, but she was scared of most people. I work with her for at least two hours every time I went to the shelter. She had a home, but she couldn't go to her new home yet because she was still recovering from her upper respitory infection. A few days after she had a new home, something happened. Martha walked into the shelter and saw that there was blood in her cage so she took her to the vet. Come to find out she also had worms. They tried to save her by putting her on fluids, but sadly she didnt make it.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

the most amazing creatures ever

I am a big fan when it comes to the cheetah. I always watch animal planet to learn more about these creatures. I already know a lot about them. They can reach up to speeds up to 75 mph in just a few seconds, isnt that amazing? They have to eat their food fast unless other predators like lions and hyneas would come. They dont have a choice but to run when they smell their kill. Even though they are not the strongest animals in the africa, I still think they are so beautiful.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

A couple of my firefighting buddies, including my boyfriend

This was when bubba and my boyfriend came over to my house to spend some time with me during christmas break and bubba brought his fire gear. Then bubba got in it along with Greg. Greg looks so cute the way he stands in this picture with Sophie in the picture.

These are the cute pictures of Greg in bubba's firefighting suit
greg in daniels fire gear
greg again

This is Bubba

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Support the Viola Firefighters and just Firefighters in general (including me)

I am a volunteer firefighter at the viola fire department and I know, your probally thinking that you need to think about that, but I have. For 2 years I have been friends with daniel english and he is a volunteer too and he has influenced me and so has my fiance. This is something I want to do and people have hated me because i wanted to become one. If you would. leave a comment if you want to support the Viola Fire Department, we really need some support.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Matt Adams and Riley DelMonte Ketchup

Matt Adams is one of my best friends that I have over at my school. He is extermly protective when it comes to his friends or family. He is 20 years old and my dad loves him. Sometimes my dad thinks he is on crack, but he really isn't. He loves to joke around with his friends, expcially when they are in bad moods. I love him to death. He is like a brother to me. The dog that is with him is Riley DelMonte Ketchup. He is one of Sophie's puppy. He can be a big pain, but I still love him. When you get home, you have to take him out right away because if you dont, he gets so excited that he will pee all over you. One thing about him is that he isn't as fat as Sophie is and that's a good thing.

This is matt and riley

This is some pictures of matt

What are you doing Matt?

The Gangster look, doesn't work with you matt, sorry

I love your smile Matt

This was when Riley decided to drive the truck. He did end up parking the right way for his first try

Riley looks so cute like that with his paws out. Dont remember what he was looking at.

I decicded to do matt's hair and look at what i did hahaha matt, you look so funny

Awwwwwww........you look so cute Riley

Dang Riley, you look so big in this picture

Awwwwwww......look at his cute face

My Soon to be Truck

My real dad has a truck that has chrome all over it with red neon lights under it and he is gonna give it to me for my 18th birthday. It's a GMC Z71. He had a car wreck before that injured his neck and his back. His back is so badly injured that he cant even walk without a cane. Sometime when he walks down the stairs, I'm worried that he will fall and hurt himself even more than he already is. He still goes out and doesnt stay inside like most do when they are crippled. That's what I love about him. He cant stay inside all day. But here are some pictures of ym truck, matt adams, and my dad, plus his dog riley (which is one of sophie's puppies).

This is what it looks like in the dark

this is riley in the truck at the graves county vs. mayfield football game

This is matt adams and my dad in the truck that same night\

This is matt adams in the truck with the door shut that same night

This is matt with the door open and you can see more of the truck

Danielle Prather

This is one of my friends. Her name is Danielle Prather. She is a really good friend to have. She has helped me through a lot and I have helped her through a lot of things. Her and her mom really dont get along. Her mom is extremly strict on her. Her mom is kinda like Greg's mom, but Greg's mom is a whole lot worse than hers. She cant really tell her mom anyhting becasue her mom cant keep things to herself. When Danielle gets in trouble, her mom will go up to a random person that she doesnt know and tell them that her daughter got in trouble for so or so reason. But anyway, she is a good person at the heart. I love her to death like she was one of my sisters.


Ghosts out on Kansas

Monday afternoon, my dad and I needed to put some sheets over our newly planted trees. When we were done, our dog Sophie, well, she started barking at the trees. If you look, it acually looks like they are really ghosts. We had some heavy frost that mourning and if you closly to one of the pictures, you can acually see some frost on the top.


Ghosts 2

Ghosts 3